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AI-Human Collaboration: Stronger Together

We are creating tools that enable AI and the workforce to work together, maximising revenue and minimising costs to be competitive in the marketplace.

Who we are

We help business to become AI native

At Carion, we use world-class technology and leading practices to design, implement and support sustainable AI business solutions that are strategically aligned, fit for purpose, cost effective and performance optimised.

AI system integration

Harness the power of the best AI tools available in the market to improve your business today

AI consulting

We design, build, and scale all things digital for startups, scale-ups, and enterprises

Private Datasets

Data is now viewed as an important asset to help optimise operations and compete in the market

How we're different

We build AI solutions to support people. Not replace them

With a focus on AI and human collaboration, we deliver solutions that enhance the capabilities of sales, marketing and operations to increase revenue and reduce costs.

We integrate AI inside your organization

We help our clients navigate the AI transition. From strategy and roadmapping to the design, build and deployment of bespoke AI systems that deliver productivity and profitability.
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How we deliver results

Here are some examples of the excellent products that we’ve helped to send out into the world.

Saels Automation

Thanks to our system we can identify list of potential customers interested in your busines

Internal Communications

Automatize most of the communications inside your company

Lead generations

Generate lists of high quality leads for sales activity

Projects implemented
Companies using Carion AI
Projects Completed
Awards Won

Clients love us

We've delivered a variety of top quality AI applications to companies of all sizes - from one-person startups to enterprises.

“We truly could not be more impressed with the team at Carion. They delivered amazing results - our sales greatly increased.”

Jake Warren
GM Studios
“We had worked with other consulting companies, but it was clear from the outset that carion is different. The results speak for themselves.”

Kim Smith
Squant Media

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